Compassionate Person-Centered Therapy, Empowerment, Consultation, and Assessments

rosebudAnd the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anais Nin

I applaud your courage for visiting my site. Since you are here, I assume you may be struggling to find solace in a tumultuous world, and it may seem like you are paddling upstream. According to Dr. Brene Brown, a renowned author on shame and vulnerability, when you share your innermost shameful thoughts with an empathic listener, the painful feelings cannot survive…


Do you have underlying emotional tension that creates barriers to life stability?


Are you seeking to understand your life mission and purpose?


Do you believe you have untapped potential for life balance, but you have an unclear plan of how to proceed?


Are you ready to take a leap of faith into the hands of a competent and compassionate professional, whose mission is to empower you to resolve your own issues, on your terms?

The therapeutic relationship that exists between an understanding therapist and client provides the foundation to explore methods of emotional  healing.  I can provide a safe place and empathic listening heart while you begin to unravel the knots that cause your unhappiness. Together, we can explore new ways of thinking and chart a course of action to create your better life.  Start now and build your best tomorrow. request-but-2


 Specializing in but Not Restricted
to the Following:

· Emotional Trauma (Due to Family Dysfunction, Legal System, Military, Employment, and Insensitive Systems)

· Emotional and Behavioral Issues of Children and Adolescents

· Effective Discipline and Improved Communication with Children and Adolescents

· Workplace Stress and Career Changes

· Social Anxiety and Highly Sensitive Personalities

· Assertiveness Training and Communication Barriers

· Grief and Loss Issues (Humans and Pets)

· CBT, EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Integrative Interventions Unique to Individual Clients

· Developmental Attachment Issues


Dr. Laura Greenlee, Ph.D, NCC, LPCS

" I am a Licensed Mental Health Clinician in Western NC, specializing in assessment, treatment, and consultation for/with clients with the intention of promoting of healthy emotional and behavioral patterns. My ultimate goal as a clinician is to help clients learn new ways of coping with life stress, and to learn effective evidence-based strategies of behavior through self-acceptance, and self-discovery, and competent suggestions."

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